Having your self-storage unit is a game-changer. It is one of the best ways to improve life quality and relieve stress. Remember that having a self-storage unit can be a great investment both in your sanity and space. Whether you need extra spaces in your home or you’re a business owner, having extra spaces can help you in solving a lot of space problems. 

Self Storage Unit

Keeping your storage unit well organised and clutter-free are the two ways on how to ensure that you are maximising the space. These are also great ways to ensure that you are making the most out of your storage unit. With that being said, it is only right to put in some effort on how you can pack and as well as store your belongings inside a storage unit. Everything will depend on your unit’s size, but you can always make the most out of your unit no matter what its size is.

Techniques To Improve Self Storage

Organising is not that easy for everyone, so here are 5 secret techniques to help improve self-storage:

1: Always Leave A Path

You’ll want to access your valuables no matter where they are in the unit. Whether you have a small or a big storage unit, it is essential to always leave a path where you can move easily. Make your unit pleasant by having some extra room to walk. You surely don’t want to walk into your storage unit packed with little to no room to move around and find things.

2: Always Keep Your Unit Clean

No matter what you’re storing in your self-storage unit, be it for the short term or long term, it is important to keep your unit clean and well organised each time you visit. This will surely help you save a lot of energy and time in the future.

3: Use Hooks to Hang Things

Boxes are common in a self-storage unit, but have you considered using hooks to hang some of your valuables? You can use hooks to hang decorations, fabrics, clothing’s, jackets, and more. This will surely help you save up space on the floor and create a pathway. What’s great is that hooks are easy to hang and remove anytime you please.

Hanging Clothes On Hooks

4: Vertical Storage

Stacking and hanging your valuables are great solutions when it comes to organisation. But another great way to maximise your storage unit is by adding some vertical shelves. You can also pile up furniture and boxes vertically so you can take advantage of all the space that you have in your unit.

5: Create A Spreadsheet

You surely don’t want to lose your valuables or forget where they are stored. Creating a spreadsheet with all the valuables stored in your unit is a great way to organise your things. Create an inventory of whatever you are storing and write down where exactly they are located. This will help you to easily find your valuables when needed. It would also be best to label your boxes and include those labels in the spreadsheet for easy organisation.