More Space for your Business.

If you want to create extra space in your office without the hassle of moving to another location or building then you need Self Storage. Whether you work from home or own a larger business with a multi person office space, we have a storage option for you.

Our friendly staff are experts when it comes to business storage and will help you find the size you need. We can store anything from business documents, goods and office equipment to excess business stock, freeing up space in your office, avoiding incurring high office rental costs.

If you own a business in Sembawang, Woodlands or Yishun, you can rest assured that your business stock equipment will safe and secure when stored at our secure, state-of-the-art Self Storage facility.

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Why Store-Y?

We share with you the reasons why you should select us as your preferred self-storage provider.

Immediate Storage Solution

Whether you are looking for space to store your additional stocks, or you need the extra room to store your important business documents, Store-Y has the solution for you. Let us take care of your storage needs so you can focus on growing your business!

Store work tools and equipment

Our commercial storage solutions are great for storing bulky tools and equipment and with easy access to the facility. Enjoy the convenience of loading and unloading the bulky items right in front of your storage unit.

Archive documents and save space in the office

Save costly office space for other purposes, by storing your documents or archive files offsite. Our self-storage facility has round-the-clock security, be assured that your confidential documents are kept safe from any damage or loss.