There are a lot of advantages of renting or owning a self-storage unit. As we all know, they are very convenient because they serve as our extra storage space for all the things that we are not yet ready to throw out just yet. These self-storage units help us avoid clutter in our homes and offices because all the excess items we own can be stored. 

During move-outs and renovations, all self-storage units can be a huge help. There are many great reasons why you should have a storage unit, but there are also some simple mistakes in self-storage that you should avoid making. 

Common Mistakes In Self Storage

Woman Trying To Organise Boxes

Not Organising 

Failing to organise everything out before renting a storage unit can lead not only to disorganisation but also to stress. The mistake of failing to organise your items can be easily avoided if you create a plan ahead of time. One would be picking a storage unit near your place, so getting and putting your things in these units will be easier for you.

The second would be putting your valuables in high-quality boxes before your move-in day. This will help you avoid misplacing them and dumping just any items in just any boxes.

Not Labeling Your Boxes

Improper labelling of your boxes can be a simple mistake that you can again avoid. Labelling your boxes will help you find your valuables easier without having to open each box to find the things you need. The best thing you can do is label them per group or category or according to their importance. Stick with the labels, and you will surely be happy with the organisation that you did.

Wrong Self Storage Unit Size

You can get all excited about choosing the self-storage unit you want without considering the size. Choosing the wrong unit size can be stressful and can hurt your budget. When selecting a unit, you need to be as practical as possible. For instance, know the things you are going to store and if you think that you’re not holding a lot of stuff, then getting an undersized unit will do.

If you are storing many things, choosing a more significant sized unit will help you maximise storage space even more. Always keep in mind to select a team you need and not the first one you see.

Using Wrong Packaging Materials

When wrapping your items, it is essential to choose the right materials to avoid damaging them. Some people opt to use newspapers to wrap their belongings. This can be a problem because they have ink that can stick or smudge into your valuables, especially during humid days. This can damage your valuables without you even realising it just yet.

Pile of newspapers

The best way to use your valuables is to wrap them with bubble wrap. They are safer and can protect fragile items.