There are many ways to maximise the space in your apartment – from investing in quality pieces that will last you for years, to using vertical space creatively, or making furniture multifunctional. Here are my top five tips on how to make your apartment feel like home!

Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture pieces that are multifunctional and still of good quality will allow you to maximise your space without taking up too much floor space. Focus on pieces with smaller footprints, such as a coffee table with storage capabilities. Be sure the corners of the furniture are rounded where they meet the floor to avoid tripping hazards.

Wall Space

One of the most obvious ways to make better use of vertical space is by maximising wall space. One way to do this is with a gallery wall where you hang and organise large photos and smaller pieces, such as frames or art, in different areas of the wall. You could also use this type of wall as a focal point for other decorative items.

Decorative Wall

Floating Shelves

Another way to make better use of vertical space is by installing a floating shelf. This will allow you to place items anywhere and utilise the open wall space. This can be great for creating a bookshelf or storage area, as well as decorating with plants, candles, or art.

Secure Storage Facility

Consider storing your items in a secure storage facility like at My Store-Y storage Yishun to keep them safe. Whether you are storing seasonal clothing or furniture that is broken, using this type of storage space can help to maximise your home without having to clutter it up with items. Some people even store their wine in temperature controlled units to get the best tasting wines year round. My Store-Y storage Yishun is a safe and secure storage facility you can trust. You can also opt for other storage Yishun ideas like drawer dividers to help you organise your items in a more efficient manner. This will allow you to store different items in each drawer, so that things are not all jumbled together.

Adding Plants

Add plants around the apartment to make your space feel more alive. Find a small or large plant that will look good in the area you place him/her and then put a vase of water on a nearby table next to it. If plants are not your thing, you can also add decorative lights to the space. This will make your space feel warmer and create a cozy atmosphere. You can even put up a mirror for a double effect of making the room appear spacious.

Beautiful hanging plants

We hope that these tips will help you to create a more organized and elegant home without spending too much time or money.