The bathroom is so many things at the same time. It’s a place to relax and let stress flow away. It also gives you a chance to show off your individuality and sense of personal style. If you’re thinking about redoing your existing bathroom and have already put things in Self Storage Woodlands or you’re just looking around, you’ll want to keep certain things in mind. Examining the kinds of bathroom designs in the market now can help you decide what bathroom you want. From modern ideas that are sleek and offer a new take, to something more classic.

The All Metal

a metalic bathtub

Metal is one of those elements that can instantly transform your bathroom space in every way. Many designers love metal in the bathroom. Metal surfaces can be made to shine. That helps add light in spaces that might otherwise have none. Metal is also easy to clean. Many people love the play of different kinds of metal in this space. Items like your existing bathtub can be placed in Self Storage Woodlands while you make the choice to plunge right in and create a fascinating and entirely unique bath.

Unique Tiles

a well designed bathroom with unique tiles

Tiles are another material that fits in well into any bathroom. Tiles have been used in bathrooms for a long time. Today’s versions are specifically designed just for the bathroom. They are made from new materials that make it even easier to keep them clean. Look for tiles that can go anywhere. A popular choice for those wanting to make a statement is on the ceiling. You’ll want to put everything you’re not using right now in the bathroom into Self Storage Woodlands. That gives the experts enough space to ensure the tiles are placed exactly where you want them.

Keeping it Green

an eco-friendly bathroom with a plant

Green design, the centerpiece of many contemporary home bathrooms redesigns. There are many ways to ensure that your bathroom is one that can keep to an eco-friendly plan. Everyone should think carefully about what they want before they start. Using low flow toilets and recycled materials allows you to have a nice bathroom and reduce your utility bills. A tub can be salvaged from an older bathroom. Put a brand new coat of paint on it and add your own personal touch to the side. It’s functional, personally and entirely yours.

Wild Color

Color is easy to use in a bathroom to make it completely your own. Consider your favorite colors. A small bathroom can be instantly transformed with a simple paint job. Now is the time to bring on the colors that make you happy. Paint those walls a bold shade of aubergine. Add in lots of other colors to help show off the room’s exiting details. Bright orange, sunny yellow, exuberant shades of blue can also help take a blah bathroom and make it so much more. Splash it on and enjoy the results in your own home today.