When you live in a small apartment, you don’t have the luxury of keeping a lot of items. You must learn to make do with only the essential stuff. At times, no matter how much you try, you will find that your space is becoming de-cluttered day by day. To keep things under control, how can you create secret storage spaces for all your stuff?

Storage Ottomans

pillows inside a storage furniture

An ottoman is a great piece of furniture to own because of its practicality. It can act as a table, a decorative item, or as storage. An ottoman with a hollow centre can be used in the living room to store things like books, magazines, blankets, and kids’ toys. This will keep clutter out of plain sight and leave your space feeling airy and clean.

Under the Stairs Storage Drawers

sports equipment and a vacuum stored inside understairs drawers

Many people overlook under the stairs as a storage solution. You can utilize this space by fixing drawers or shelves under them. To keep your small apartment clutter-free, you can store toys, books, and extra stuff that you use daily. You can also expand your kitchen pantry and keep all your dry food items in these drawers.

Self Storage

active children enjoying moving day running carrying boxes, excited kids laughing playing in new home while parents take break to rest, happy girl and boy have fun together

This is a great way of keeping all your stuff in a clean and secure location. Many Self Storage Woodlands options offer great value for money because of their affordable services. Once you realize that you need extra space, you can locate a Self Storage Woodlands company and discuss your options with a customer care rep. You will be advised on the kind of storage facility you need and how much it will cost you to store your items there. Keeping your items in Self Storage Woodlands locations will eliminate the need for throwing away all your sentimental belongings and still help you keep your small apartment organized.

Beds With Drawers Underneath Them

a wooden bedframe installed with drawers stuffed with fitted sheets

You might be shocked by how much space you can create by having a bed with pull out drawers beneath it. Living in a small apartment calls for creativity. You can store items like clothes, bedding, and extra blankets in the pull-out drawers. This is a great idea of keeping your kids’ bedrooms neat as they are the most likely to get cluttered when they are playing.

Utilizing the Space Next to Your Fridge

a small pantry beside the fridge

Your small apartments may be having small spaces that you cannot fit in full-size storage furniture. A good example is the space between the fridge and the wall. You can fix a thin spice rack in this space and have a pantry extension. This will keep your kitchen organized and make finding your favourite spice very easy.

Below the Sink

cleaning supplies under a kitchen sink

This is a great place to store eye-sores such as the trash can. Keeping your trashcan under the kitchen sink will help you control smells leaving your kitchen smelling fresh. You can also store cleaning essentials such as soaps and bleach in attractive baskets.