Creating a bedroom space for two children can be a challenge, particularly if the room you’re working with is small. But with some creativity, planning, and organization, you can treat your kids to a comfortable and fun space they will love.
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Loft Beds

One design idea is to build or buy two loft beds. Give each child their own space below the bed for a desk, a reading nook, or whatever personal space your child would like. Install a divider down the center of the room using a pipe and fittings from the local hardware store. Add a room-length piece of fabric or sew curtains together to have two separate spaces. This set up is ideal for boy/girl siblings sharing a space as it provides the most privacy and personal space which is important and the child’s age.

a simple black bunk bed for teens


Trundle Bed

Another option is a trundle bed. A trundle bed is a regular bed with another bed that rolls or slides out from underneath, but can be slid back when not in use. This is a great option for a tiny space as it takes up the footprint of a single bed. If your children are young, this is by far the safest option in terms of beds. Pair this with cube shelving, IKEA Trones, or any other space-saving storage to build a cozy and organized bedroom.

a trundle bed with a polka dot design


Bunk Beds

The most common shared space furniture is a bunk bed. They come in wood or metal, in a variety of styles and designs. Some come with built-in storage, desks, stairs, and some are simply two beds with a built-in ladder. If you have a gap in your children’s age, this pick is nice as you can safely sleep your younger child on the bottom bunk. To add a bit of fun, you can put curtains up to enclose the bottom bunk, making the much-loved fort.

a simple white bunk bed with drawers


Murphy Beds

If you need the floor space, choose dual Murphy beds. They are much simpler than they used to be to install. When not in use, they fold up onto the wall freeing up the entire floor space for daily use. There are different types of Murphy beds so you are sure to find a set up that works for you. These provide a tremendous amount of flexibility for a shared space.

two morphy beds on each side of the room



Hanging Beds

A twist on the loft beds would be two hanging beds. These are quite imaginative and kids flip for them. Under the bed storage is a cinch in this room. Add hanging shelves for a cohesive theme.

two hanging beds

When many people share a room, there can be an overflow of stuff, no matter how creative you are with beds and storage. Instead of drowning in clutter, store them in a storage unit like Self Storage Woodlands. This will help keep the clutter at bay and give the kids the maximum amount of space to spread out and play. Self Storage Woodlands offer affordable and safe storage units for your needs!