Having a lovely home means that you also deserve a lovely bit of greenery in the front or the back of it. Not quite sure where to start? Keep reading this list for the five best tips for starting a garden from My Store-Y Storage Space Woodlands recommended by top gardening aficionados.

  1. Know Your Space

a garden shovel dug mid-way through the soil

This one seems like it goes without saying, but when you think about it every space is different, so you have to know how your particular space is laid out to make the best use of the space. If it is a naturally hilly area, large swathes of flowers probably won’t grow well and would not be a good idea.

  1. Know the Growing Needs of your Plants

a young female gardener water plants inside a greenhouse

If you are planning to make flora the focus of your garden, then you need to know which plants grow best where you are. If the climate is arid, given to droughts, you want to choose plants that do not need a lot of water in order to survive. Likewise, if it is a very wet climate, almost marshy you do not want to use plants that can easily drown.

  1. Pick Out the Right Tools for the Job

clean gardening tools next to a wooden fence

Choosing the tools you will need for gardening can be tricky. You do not want to get the newest, shiniest thing unless you know that it will do a job you need it for in your garden. Choose equipment that is portable and can easily be stowed away at Storage Space Woodlands when not in use.

  1. Start out Simple

a man watering plants in small garden pods

No matter what king of garden you want, you want it to be something that you can accomplish and that will spur you on to more and greater projects. If you are adding new structures to your outside recreation area or a vegetable garden, you should start with something you know you can achieve. Whether that is a thriving tomato plant, or you laying out the stones for a new walkway, they both will lead to bigger and better things in your garden.

  1. Choose a Safe Storage Facility

gardening tools hung on a wall wrack

What happens to all the equipment you need for your garden when you are not actually using it? Many pieces of equipment do not do well when left in the elements, so getting a unit at Storage Space Woodlands is really your best bet. No matter if you have large equipment, like a riding mower, or just a collection of hand tools, Storage Space Woodlands can get you fixed up.

Getting a garden started is a great way of putting down roots. Use these tips to make the outside of your home as comfortable and inviting as the inside.