There comes a time when you need some extra space to store your belongings, such as furniture, extra clothes or other household items. Storing your goods in Store-Y Self Storage Yishun facility can help you save on space in your apartment. You can then use the space to redecorate or place a new furniture set. In addition, when you store your goods in a self storage facility your items are kept safe and secure for when you need to use them next. This article highlights some of the ways in which Self Storage Yishun facilities keep your valuables safe.

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Using the latest technology on security

In the world of today, technology has advanced significantly. There are advanced technology features that work well in securing the storage facilities. Self Storage Yishun facilities use surveillance cameras which deter any criminals from accessing the storage facilities. Surveillance cameras are operational 24/7 ensuring that security is tight. Also, our storage facility has incorporated motion sensors and keypad entry to each storage unit. This added security feature helps detect any abnormal movement within the storage facility, which then triggers an alarm that alerts the authorities. In addition, with keypad access, it is impossible for anyone to access your valuables, unlike the old lock and key system where burglars can just break the padlock and access your belongings. Also, storage facilities use sliding gates and electric fences to boost the security of the storage facility.

Prepare Items Correctly

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To ensure that your items are kept safe and without damage it is important that you take the initiative to pack your belongings carefully. Make sure to cover or wrap any upholstered or wood furniture to make sure they’re well protected. For items such as mirrors, glass, or frames – you can line them with cardboard or wrap them securely in bubble wrap to keep them from breaking.

Keep a Record of Items

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When you’re busy packing and placing items in your storage unit it can be extremely easy to lose track of what you have and haven’t placed into the unit. When you bring your items to Store-Y Storage Yishun make sure to keep an inventory list of each item so that when you come to collect you won’t have to stress about where or what items you placed in there.

Clean Items Before You Store

Ensuring that your items are clean before being packed helps to minimise any sort of bacteria or mould growing on your items. This is especially important when you’re moving to try and mitigate any water from coming into content with your items. If you’re unable to avoid this then you could look at wrapping you belongings in plastic or using storage containers.