Moving to a new home can be overwhelming, especially when preparing and organising things before moving. Renting a self-storage unit for the items you do not immediately need is a perfect solution. There are many self storage Woodlands units at Store-Y that you can rent at affordable prices and that are very convenient. But, before you take your things to the storage facility, how do you prepare and organise your things?

Select a suitable facility

Store-Y Self Storage Woodlands may or may not have restrictions on what you can store at the facility. In most instances, storage units restrict the storage of dangerous items such as gasoline or explosives.

There are three primary factors for selecting a self-storage unit before relocating. These are; price, size and convenience. Therefore, it is important to start your selection process as soon as you decide to relocate instead of waiting for a last minute search.

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Decide what you want to store and make an inventory

You only need to take to the store what is valuable to you. Storing unnecessary items will be a waste of space and money. Also, avoid storing too valuable items at a storage facility. Although, risk of theft or loss is low, do not take chances with something you cannot afford to lose.

After deciding what you want to store, create an inventory list for selected items. It helps you determine the size of the self-storage unit, stay organised and have a reminder of all the stored items.

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Clean and Protect items from damage

Clean all the items before moving them to Store-Y Self Storage Woodlands and make sure to cover your furniture to preventing them from trapping dust or moisture.

Use clear Plastic Bins or Label your boxes

Using clear plastic bins makes it more manageable to locate items when you need to retrieve them. If you use boxes instead of plastic bins, ensure that you label them for an easy unpacking process. This will save you time.

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Pack Strategically

Preparation and organising items for a Store-Y Self Storage Woodlands will be efficient if you plan to maximise space. Thus, disassemble furniture or any other items to ensure they take less space. In addition, store the heavy items at the bottom to avoid accidents. Similarly, stores the items that you will require to use often at the front and the others at the back. Finally, avoid crowding items and instead use shelves to keep things organised.


Often, people do not create a moving budget. This is a major setback and worsens one’s moving experience. There are two primary factors to consider when budgeting. One, if you are moving the items yourself. Two, if you will need moving services to transport your items to the storage facilities. If you pack, transport and unpack your items, it will be less costly. On the other hand, movers will charge more highly for their services. Besides, you need to budget for rent and other services you may require at the storage facility.