Storage tends to be a great option when you have more things at home, downsizing the home or moving away temporarily. Before you store your items, it is critical to prepare you items before organising them into you Store-Y Self Storage unit near Yishun.

When you are preparing items for storage, then you are organising and packing them in a practical and systematic manner. This makes it to easily find or access whenever you need. Here, you will learn valuable tips when preparing your fragile items including glass and china for storage.

Protect Valuables For Storage | Store-Y Self Storage Yishun

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Preparing fragile items including glass and China for storage, it means ensuring your items are protected against dirt, dust, eventual damage and moisture. This can be achieved by following simple but highly effective packing tips including; disassembling large items so as to protect each individual part, using quality packing materials, pack items in a clean and dry place, packing boxes full, providing sufficient padding, and sealing boxes tightly. When storing items, it is imperative to take into account the specifications of each item for Store-Y Self Storage Yishun.

Use quality packing materials

When preparing items for storage, it is significant to use quality packing materials including specialised storage boxes, sturdy and clean cardboard boxes, professional wrapping as well as cushioning materials, and suitable plastic containers. They ensure that the safety of your fragile items is guaranteed. Consider using plastic containers since they keep moisture away from your items.

Packing Glasses | Store-Y Self Storage Yishun

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When using boxes, label them

When you decide to store your items in cardboard boxes instead of plastic bins, it is important to label the boxes clearly. To this end, it is critical to show a list of items inside the cardboard box. For example, instead of labelling a box containing kitchen appliances “kitchen items” label it, “utensils, pans, and pots. Some individuals may prefer to use cardboard boxes because they can store items for a long period. Moreover, be careful not to over pack the boxes during Store-Y Self Storage Yishun since they may end up breaking under their weight. Once you finish packing your items, seal them well for added protection.

Label Boxes | Store-Y Self Storage Yishun

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Create an inventory of all your items

Before you put your items into storage units, be sure to always start by creating an inventory. While the process of packing and storing items is chaotic, you need a list of the items you are planning to store. The list may include such items as pictures, furniture, paintings, and other small items. Keeping an inventory list helps you keep everything in an organised way. Always remember to create two copies of the inventory list. Keep a copy of the list to yourself but leave the other inside the storage unit.

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Prepare appliances

When preparing to store items, you need to foam or bubble wrap them so as to prevent breakages from occurring. Additionally, clean appliance as well as securing loose parts with a tape or rope. For appliances such as fridge, washer, or dishwasher, always leave their doors slightly open. This prevents moisture and mildew from building up. If you have items such as computers and laptops, make sure your wrap them in protective bubble wrap and don’t store any other heavy items onto them. The last thing you need after your move is a trip to your local computer repair store to fix your broken laptop or monitors.

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