Apartment living is a fact of life for many who live in the Woodland area. Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean that you have to go without everything that you need. Here a few helpful tips on making the most of your small space with the help of Store-Y Self Storage near Woodlands.


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Store furniture and bulky items


Depending on where you are moving from, you probably have furniture and other bulky items that simply won’t fit in your new place. Rather than getting rid of them and having to buy new house hold items later, store it in our Self Storage facility near Woodlands until you have enough space in your home to accommodate them again.


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Pack away seasonal items


There is no benefit to keeping things like Christmas decorations, gardening tools and bulky winter gear immediately on hand throughout the year. Such items needlessly take up precious space when they aren’t being used regularly or at all, so why not avail yourself of Store-Y Self Storage near Woodlands until you need them again? Most small apartments have limited amounts of storage space, and you are better off using it for things that you actually use on a regular basis.


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Store delicate collectables and heirlooms


When you have limited living space, keeping heirlooms and other precious items around is pretty risky. You aren’t likely to have any little nooks or corners to tuck them away in, so they are apt to become damaged or worse. You will have much better peace of mind using Store-Y Self Storage near Woodlands. for items like these for as long as you are in a small apartment. By opting for a climate-controlled unit, you can breathe easy in the knowledge that your collectables are being shielded from excessive temperatures and humidity.


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Keep hobby gear nearby


Certain hobbies don’t exactly go along well with apartment living. Many types of sporting and recreational equipment are far too large and bulky to be kept in such small living quarters. Rather than give up your passion for mountain biking, scuba diving, painting or other pastimes, rent Store-Y Self Storage near Woodlands and enjoy the best of both worlds. Choose a facility that is close to the places where you like practising your sport for even more convenience. Someday, when you have a larger home, you will be able to keep these things immediately on hand.


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Protecting and storing important documents


Like many who rent apartments, you may find yourself moving from place to place over a period of time. When your lifestyle is somewhat nomadic, it’s all too easy for important personal documents to become lost in the shuffle. Avoid this issue by renting a self storage locker with climate control and storing those things there. Think of it as your home base for all your important paperwork. Any time that you need a birth certificate or other item, you will know right where to find it. With climate control, you can be sure that your papers will remain in good shape too.