The great outdoor is full of adventurous pleasures such as camping, biking, kayaking and canoeing. These awesome activities can, over time, make you acquire a lot of relevant gear and equipment. When not in use, storing this gear until they are next needed can be intimidating. Before determining how to store your gear, you must take stock of what you really need. This helps you determine what to keep and what you could donate, share out or sell. Once you have sorted through your gear and equipment and retained only what you intend to use, you can now start thinking about how you are going to store it.

Safe Storage for Your Camping Gear

A girl helping her dad set up the tent in a camp site

You may find yourself with a lot of outdoor gear such as tents, sleeping bags, coolers, tarps, kayaks, paddle boards, canoes and even flashlights. Storing all this gear may require a substantial but not necessarily large amount of storage space. Ideally, you could organize and create space in your garage, but this would probably lead to congestion and put a lot of stuff in your way when you are not immediately using them. In such a case, getting a storage space such as those from Self Storage Woodlands could provide an affordable yet convenient solution. My Store-Y’s Self Storage Woodlands has a wide variety of storage spaces to offer its diverse clients. Once you have determined and acquired your storage, you can now start organizing and neatly storing your gear.

DIY Shelves for Your Beach Gear

A woman setting up a tent on the beach while her boyfriend is pulling an ice cooler

While storing your gear, it is advisable that similarly related gear such as camping gear or beach gear are stored in the same section of your storage space. It is also highly recommended that you install sturdy shelves and make good use of them. Items that can be kept off the ground to make room for movement and other stuff can be neatly mounted on a wall or shelved. Outdoor gear should also be cleaned and dried before storage so as to ensure the storage spaces remain clean.

Canoe or Kayak Rack

A wooden shelf stacked with mountain bukes and kayaks

Given the pricey nature of outdoor equipment, it is advisable that they are properly stored so as to avoid damage while in storage. Self Storage Woodlands offer quality storage that can be used for all your outdoor equipment. Canoes and Kayaks should be securely stored indoors, away from direct sunlight and preferably off the ground. This prevents cracking, fading and even theft. It is also advisable that any fabricated compartments on this equipment be stored separately. Bikes can be securely mounted on walls to limit the amount of space they occupy. The size of stand-up paddle boards makes them challenging to store. These boards can, however, be put to lean against a wall, not on its nose but its side or its tail. If you are to hang it up, the hull should face upwards. Surfboards can be stored horizontally on a hanger or vertically on their tail. Their storage space should be weather-tight to keep the Styrofoam boards from expanding and cracking due to exposure to heat.