When you want to make your Singapore home look bigger, you can take a few steps that expand your space without any major remodeling. While Self Storage Woodlands options are a lovely place to start, you can make other choices that bring new life to your home. Continue reading so that you can create a list of small projects you can do around the house that help relieve clutter, brighten the space, and impress your guests.

Try a Self Storage Woodlands Unit

A couple unpacking boxes in their new home

When you have too much clutter in the house, you can rent a Self Storage Woodlands unit for all your excess items. You do not want to get rid of these things, but you simply do not have enough space for everything. As a result, you can pack up seasonal clothing, trinkets, collectibles, tools, and old electronics. Moving these items to a storage unit frees quite a lot of space in your home. You can begin rearranging the space, but you still have access to these items 24 hours a day.

Move Your Furniture Around

A couple moving a chair in their apartment

When you rearrange furniture, you want to do more than simply change the seating arrangement. Use your furniture to create distinct spaces that make the house look bigger than it truly is. For example, your living room can be divided by a credenza, piano, or set of chairs. On one side, you have the area where you sit and watch TV. On the other side, you can create a reading area, library, or add a window seat. It looks as though you have a sitting room and a living room.

Try a Murphy Bed

A woman putting her murphy bed down

The Murphy bed works wonders in every bedroom because it conserves space. When you are sleeping, you fold the bed down. When you are awake, you can fold the bed into the wall. This is especially helpful in guest bedrooms that serve as workshops or offices. For most of the year, the Murphy bed is locked in its vertical position, and the room functions any way you like. If someone comes over, you can easily shift your office around, pull down the bed, and host your guest. Do this in every guest room.

You can also do this in your bedroom if you live in a studio apartment or one-bedroom. You can repurpose the bedroom for other things when you are not sleeping only to pull the bed down at night to rest.

Lighter Walls

A couple standing next to each other while painting a room

When you want to create the illusion that your home is larger than it is, paint the walls a lighter colour. This is a quick fix, and it is often allowed even in apartment buildings.

Lighter Floors

A small apartment living room with wooden floor

You can use rugs to lighten the colour of your flooring so that each room collects more natural light. Secondarily, you can open the blinds or drapes so that more natural light hits the floors every day. As a result, the home looks bigger, you can enjoy an uncluttered space, and every repurposed room looks more impressive.