Indulgence and luxury are a staple of Singaporean life, but the lack of city space for those in apartments and homes often means that there has to be some considerations with regard to your belongings. You deserve luxuries, but when the luxury of space is lacking the answer is to find the best storage space Singapore has to offer. Homes are getting smaller but property prices are skyrocketing, which means that your excess of beautiful things needs somewhere to stay – somewhere safe, secure and dry!

With the right self storage Singapore options, you can ensure that you reap those benefits as often as possible. You can also enjoy the bonus of a decluttered home – who wants a decluttered life if they don’t have to have one? The good news is that there are plenty of self storage Singapore options that you can indulge in. By doing the right research, you can find storage facilities that suit you and your family. 

Storage Singapore

From personal storage to contain your excess belongings to maximize your living space, to business storage that serves as a secure area for your business equipment, there are plenty of options out there. You can even invest in great wine storage – we all know that good wine deserves good owners and if you are a collector, it’s vital to ensure that you store it somewhere with the right conditions. 

The options for self storage in Singapore are vast, but it doesn’t just stop at storage. Sure, you can hire a unit that allows you to keep all of your belongings safe, but did you know that there are additional services on offer by self storage facilities in Singapore? From document shredding to mail package acceptance, there are so many things that a storage facility can do for you. Let’s take a look at all of the options below:

Mail and Package Acceptance

Believe it or not, storage facilities can be used in a way that enables you to have your packages received easily for your home or your business. It doesn’t matter whether you are ordering for your business or you are ordering Christmas gifts and you need somewhere to hide them, you should check whether your chosen facility offers mail and packaging acceptance. 

Not only will you be able to determine security levels of the facility, you’ll minimize packaging theft – super handy throughout the holidays.

Moving Supplies

What is a decent storage unit without a box shop for storage supplies? It makes so much sense to choose a facility that offers an amazing selection of moving supplies that are of a high quality. You can get packing paper and tape, moving supplies and boxes from these internal stores, and you can choose boxes and protective gear that works for your possessions.

Plenty of storage facilities offer bubble wrap, mattress covers, packing peanuts and more. You just have to ensure that you choose one if you need it. The best bit? Some self storage Singapore facilities can even build these into the cost you pay for the storage. Eventually, you’ll want your things moved, right? Well, with the right facility you can be sure you pay for the packing supplies that you need, too.

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Vehicle Storage

Sometimes, you might need to store vehicles – all vehicles – because your new property doesn’t have the space. If you’ve moved into an apartment building for work and you have a beautiful boat, you need somewhere safe to store it. Plenty of storage facilities go above and beyond the usual space for your antiques and boxes, and they can offer auto, boat and even RV solutions so that you can keep your vehicles safe when they cannot be parked at your home.

You need to shop around so that you can find the right facility for the size of your vehicle, as not every facility will be able to accommodate you. Extra large storage units are the norms for vehicular storage, and these often have monitored alarms to enable protection after hours for longer periods. Given that your vehicle will need to be monitored around the clock, you should choose a facility with enough secured property access so that you don’t have to panic.

Vehicle storage will often come with bigger protections than everyday items and there are even storage facilities out there that can offer storage of 18-wheeler trucks. This is super handy if you have a business on the road and you need somewhere to store your things for a few days. Most of these facilities can offer insulated spaces, painted and sealed floors and a place for you to keep your vehicles clean and without rust-causing moisture. You know that your boat or RV may be sensitive to certain weather conditions, so that means that you need to think about where you can get the best protections for the best rates. Storage facilities in Singapore can even offer electric outlets to maintain the charge of your vehicle battery, high and wide doors to accommodate larger vehicles, longer driveways for maneuverability and an onsite dump station for excess, too. The best part is that these are the facilities that often offer a sparkling clean washing area for your vehicles, too.

Document Shredding

Are you storing business items and need a place to securely shred paperwork? Thankfully, most business and even personal documentation is now online, but that isn’t’t always the case. It has to start somewhere and that’s often on paper. You can ensure that you get extra help with a facility that offers document shredding on site.  

The Best Self Storage in Singapore

There are plenty of options for storage in Singapore and now you have the information you need to tell you whether you should book in for extra facilities. There are so many ways that storage is going to benefit your business or personal life, and now you can choose a place you can trust with your belongings.