Organizing a self-storage unit can be tricky if it’s something you’ve never done before. However, there are plenty of different ways to keep your storage unit tidy and achieve efficient storage organization, allowing you to easily find everything without a hassle. In this article, we’ll explore 10 essential tips for storage organization in your self-storage unit. So, keep reading below to discover more.

Mark All Of Your Boxes

The first essential tip for storage organization is to mark all of your boxes in the unit. Grab a big, thick marker pen and ensure that you write a one or two-word description about the contents of each box. This simple step will greatly facilitate skimming through the boxes and quickly finding what you need.

Consider Adding Shelving For Storage Organization

The last thing that anyone wants is to have piles of items, never really sure if they are going to fall or not. We recommend that you consider adding shelving to your unit, as you can then store things neatly. You can simply look over the shelves to find what you are looking for, and it shouldn’t take too long. As well as this, it’s going to look a lot nicer than just having everything thrown everywhere.

Less Used Items To The Back

In order to make your life more convenient, you want to put your less used items at the back of the storage unit. If there are items that you take out regularly, these need to be at the front for easy access. Digging through the entire unit to find what you are looking for on a regular basis is not going to be fun, so avoid this at all costs in order to have a commodious storage organization.

Leave A Gap By The Door

You need to be able to actually get inside your unit at all times. If it’s looking a little full, you just need to make sure that you are leaving a gap by the door so that you can get in and out. Things like shelving are really going to help with this, and maximizing space by getting creative with how you are storing your items. 


Heavy Items On The Bottom

Keeping things safe while they are in storage is important, which means that you need to think about this when you are putting everything in. All heavy items should be on the bottom, with lighter items stacked on top of them if necessary. If you are putting heavy items on top of smaller ones, they are going to break or damage them. If there’s certain heavy items that you would like to access regularly, just keep them at the front to the side and don’t put anything on top of them for a convenient storage organization.

Use Plastic Boxes So You Can See Into Them

A quick hack to make everything so much easier is to use plastic boxes so that you can see into them. We know that we’ve already mentioned that you should mark all of your boxes, but this just adds an extra layer of ease to your life. If you can quickly peer into the boxes and find what you are looking for, it saves you a whole lot of searching.

Keep Fragile Things Safe

Similar to the point that we made about heavy things needing to be on the bottom, you need to pack your items carefully and keep fragile things safe. If you know that you have something that is breakable going into your unit, make sure that you are wrapping it up properly (Protect Fragile Items With These 10 Packing and Moving Tips). This might mean coating it in bubble wrap so that at least if it does fall, it has some protection. Also ensure that you are keeping the breakable things together.

Any Furniture Needs To Be In Pieces

Your storage unit is not going to be able to take a whole sofa while it’s put together. Even if there is space for this, you are just taking up too much room, and you’re going to struggle to fit other things in there as well. If you take your furniture apart seeing as it’s not being used, you can stack and store this easier. If you ever need the furniture again, you can get it and put it back together, but at least it will be easy to transport and get out from the storage unit.

Declutter Often

Whenever you go into your storage unit, see if there is anything in there that you no longer want to keep, or no longer need to keep. If you declutter often, and don’t hold onto things that you know you are never going to use again, then your storage unit will be a lot easier to manage. Too many people just throw things into their unit and then forget that they are even there, but this is just them taking up space for no reason. Get rid of the things that have no place in your life anymore.

Know What Your Goal Is For Storage Organization

Last but not least, if you want to organize your self storage unit effectively, you need to know what your goal is. By this, we mean that you need to know what you have purchased this unit for. Some people do this so that they have space to put items that they still want but don’t have room for in their home. Some people just purchase these so that they have a place to dump things when they’re not sure where to put them. If you know what your goal is, and you know if you’re going to be taking items out frequently or not, then this is going to make it easier to organize.

Hopefully now, you have a better grip on some of the ways that you can organize your self storage unit so that it’s easier, and more convenient for you to access your belongings. Take the advice above, or do this whatever way you think is going to be best, as long as you are able to get what you need!

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