When the seasons start to change, many of us start to think about switching out not only our wardrobes but a wide range of the stuff we have in our lives. For example, if you play tennis in the dry season, you may want to put your rackets and other equipment away for the wet season or if you love to skin in the winter, you may want to pack your skis safely out of the way when the weather is hot. Doing this is a good way to ensure that your home is not too cluttered, especially with items you will not be using for a while.With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can utilize storage space to keep seasonal items safely out of the way until you need them again. Below, you will find some top tips and tricks to help you with self storage in Singapore.

Choose the best storage space Singapore facility

With a wide range of storage space Singapore available, it can be tricky to ensure that you are renting the best possible space for your seasonal items, but if you look for a self storage company that offers the following, you can be pretty certain that you’ve made the right choice:

This will ensure that your seasonal stuff is not only safe, but that it is also climate controlled so it does not succumb to the elements or fall victim to, for example, high humidity.

Organize and label your seasonal items

Before you send them off for storage in Singapore, it is an exceedingly good idea to take the time to organize and label your seasonal items. By grouping similar items together and taking the time to label each box with descriptions like “summer sports equipment” or ‘holiday decorations,” for example, you can more quickly find what you need when you need it, so you will not end up having to spend hours pouring through every single box in the storage unit every time.

A Christmas tree in the background!

Stackable containers are your best friend

Using stackable containers is a really good idea when you are storing your seasonal items because it will maximize the amount of space you have available in your storage unit.The best stackable containers to use are plastic bins, which are extremely durable, and have lids that will help to keep dust and moisture out. When filling them, be sure to distribute the weight of your seasonal items as evenly as you possibly can as this will help to ensure that they can stack effectively without risk of falling over, which could cause your stored seasonal items to be damaged.

Take extra care of fragile items

If you are planning to store await and fragile seasonal items like glass holiday ornaments, for example, then you are going to want to take extra steps to ensure that they are as protected as possible.The best way to do this is to wrap the items in packing paper or bubble wrap, which you should then secure using tape. This will ensure that those seasonal items you cherish so much will still be fully intact when the seasons change again and you need to retrieve them from your storage space Singapore.

Take extra care of clothing too

If you are storing, for example, your summer clothing away for the winter, then you are going to want to take extra care in doing so. First of all, ensure that all of the garments you are sending to self storage Singapore are clean and dry. Once you have done that, carefully pack them away in vacuum-sealed bags, which will not only protect them from the elements but which will also pack them into a much smaller space, which means you will be able to easily store as much stuff in your storage unit as you like, too.

Utilize the vertical space in your self-storage Singapore

It is always a good idea to use the vertical space available to you in your storage unit if you want to be able to store lots of seasonal items in as little space possible. Going up, so to speak, makes a lot of sense, and is pretty easy to achieve by simply installing shelving racks that reach from the floor to as close to the ceiling as possible. You can then place your storage bins filled with holiday trinkets and tennis rackets and whatever other seasonal items you may have to store, on them and you will still have plenty of space to spare.

Write an inventory

It is also sensory to create an inventory list of all the seasonal items that you put into self storage so that you know what you have and where it is, and so that you can retrieve it easily, Having an inventory will also mean that if something does get lost or stolen while in storage, it will be much easier for you to prove it and make an insurance claim, although if you choose a storage facility with good security, this is very unlikely to happen anyway.

Rotate your items

Rotating your items as the seasons start to change is so important as it will mean you always have access to the tools and equipment you need, while also ensuring that your storage facility space does not end up getting too cluttered, which might make it impossible for you to find what you need when you need it most. It might seem convenient to just leave everything in storage indefinitely, but rotating things and bringing them home as soon as the seasons move along, tends to be the smarter choice.

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