When you move into an apartment, it can be challenging to find space for your belongings. However, it’s still nice to have room to move freely. Most apartments have limited storage areas. This drawback often leaves people with the dilemma of getting rid of things or having a cluttered space. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for either solution. These are some secret storage tips, including utilising My Store-Y Self Storage in Woodlands to make your apartment look cleaner and roomier.

Wall Shelves

Utilising your wall space is one of the best ways to create extra storage in your home. Putting up shelving eliminates blank wall space and creates extra storage without decreasing the liveable square foot of your apartment. You can match your wall shelves to your apartment’s decor making them look like a stylish addition to your interior design as well as a functional storage space. If you’re worried about your items looking cluttered while on display, put them in wooden boxes or canvas totes to keep your items organised and out of sight.

Wall Shelves | My Store-Y Self Storage Woodlands

Rent Self Storage Woodlands

Many people choose Store-Y Self Storage in Woodlands to store their Extra Belongings You can keep sporting equipment, holiday decorations, clothes and any other things that you don’t need to keep in your home every day in your storage unit. When you look for Self Storage in Woodlands, be sure to pick the right size of unit for your needs. Some people also store bigger belongings such as bicycles, lawn mowers and furniture.

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Buy furniture with storage compartments

Sofas with under-cushion storage bins are great for apartments. You can put blankets, children’s toys or other things in them. There are also chairs that have storage in the armrests. Tables with drawers or shelves under them are useful, and some other types of furniture have concealed storage features. Platform beds with drawers are also beneficial. Look for these types of items when you’re shopping for new furniture for your apartment.

Storage Table | My Store-Y Self Storage Woodlands

Organise your closet with storage aids

Shoe racks, hanging shelves and extra clothing rods are good additions to any closet. For example, you can keep more clothes if you have two rods instead of one in a tall closet. If you keep the doors closed or hang a curtain over the closet, the room looks even neater. You’ll be surprised how much you can fit into a closet with the right space-saving aids.

Closet Storage | My Store-Y Self Storage Woodlands

Find a floor storage option

One decorative secret storage aid is a floor storage platform. If you can create an under-floor storage compartment without the property owner getting upset, that’s an alternate option. A platform storage piece looks like a large square or rectangular block. You can set other things on top of it if it’s sturdy. Some people purchase two platform storage compartments to stack on top of one another, which creates steps. You can usually set candles or other decorations on them, and people may never know that they’re more than just stylish home accents.