Escape the 9-5 grind of working for someone else and work from home. Creating a sustainable home business enables you to enjoy the flexibility of working on your terms. Being successful requires perseverance and self-motivation, so it’s important to choose a path that you’re passionate about. Find the right home business for you with these inspiring ideas from My Store-Y Self Storage Woodlands.

Set up a Beauty Salon

If you’re a talented beauty artist and enjoy pampering people, consider utilising these skills in your own beauty salon. Find a niche service to offer, whether your service is for hair, makeup, nails, eyebrows or eyelash extensions.

beauty salon

Home Staging

Home staging can make or break the success of selling a house or apartment. If you have a flair for interior design or home decorating, this might be the path for you. Since this involves purchasing a full range of furniture and décor, you can utilise our self-storage facilities to securely store your home staging items when they’re not in use.

home staging

Personal Training

Clear out your garage to set up a home gym and begin your own personal training business. This is a great option if you’re prepared to gain the necessary qualification, and passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. Create as much space as possible by storing your gear in a Woodlands Storage Space, such as My Store-Y Self Storage, to provide the gym equipment necessary.

home gym

Music Lessons for Kids

If you’re skilled in playing a certain instrument, offer music lessons for kids from home. Since this is a business you can operate during after school hours, you’ll still have the whole day to yourself. You can also teach lessons during school holidays for extra income.

Piano Lessons Singapore

Start a Gardening Business

Putting in the hard physical work by starting your own yard work business. You can offer a range of services from lawn mowing, to gardening and pruning trees. If your home doesn’t have enough space, you can use a Woodlands Storage Space, such as My Store-Y Self Storage, to safely pack away all your equipment at the end of each job.

garden services Singapore

Open a Dog Grooming Parlour

Turn your garage into a dog-grooming parlour and offer a range of pampering services to dogs of all sizes. Have a play and waiting area on one side of the garage, and separate your remaining space into different areas for nail clipping, shaving, washing and blow-drying.

dog grooming Singapore

Sell Handmade Items or a Clothing Line

Start a niche clothing line or sell handmade items online from home. You can even store your inventory in a Woodlands Storage Space, such as My Store-Y Self Storage to keep your home de-cluttered, if you run out of space in your home. Or create space in your house to pack your items ready to be shipped.

handmade clothing

Freelance Content Writing

There is a huge demand for content, so becoming a content writer is perfect if you have a background in marketing or are great with words. Allow businesses gain exposure by offering your SEO skills, whilst working from the comfort of your own home.

Build your professional reputation and create a website to showcase your examples of your work and gain new clients. If you also possess graphic design skills, utilise them to create logos and marketing materials for various companies.

woman smiling on laptop

Contact My Store-Y Self Storage to find a suitable Woodlands storage space option for your business, so you can effectively utilise the space in your home and take your business to the next level.