Have you taken a careful look around your bedroom recently? Did you happen to notice several items lying around for no purpose at all? You probably haven’t touched half of those items this year. That’s likely partially because you can’t find things you need when you actually need them. Life gets busy. All judgments aside, it’s a daunting task keeping everything organised all the time. Seriously, who has time for it? Even so, the job must be done. Besides, you’re way too awesome to sleep in a bedroom full of clutter. Thankfully, you’re about to gain a few tips to discover what your bedroom floor looks like again. Let’s go ahead and get you two reacquainted. Below are five ways for creating more Storage Space inside of your bedroom from My Store-Y Self Storage Singapore.

bedroom in singapore

The paper sorter

The simplicity of this tip makes it a practical choice for creating more Storage Space for your Singapore home. Finding the right paper sorter is a great way to clear out the clutter. You won’t have another problem with keeping all your important documents (or junk mail) organised and out of plain view. Sorters with about 10 compartments usually work best. They are large enough to hold various documents while sitting discreetly on your desk.

paper organiser

The bedroom ottoman

Another practical way to create Storage Space in your bedroom is to use an ottoman that includes a large storage tray. This will bring a unique decorative feel to your bedroom. You’ll have a range of possibilities for using the additional space. Try finding one that accents your bedding or furniture.

bedroom ottoman

A hand-woven bin or basket

A hand-woven bin or basket is a beautiful and practical way to get the Storage Space you need and is one of our favourite trends here at My Store-Y Self Storage Singapore. It will add versatility and vintage style to your bedroom. It’s historical use over centuries as a common household item will have your place feeling more like home in no time. You can pair multiple baskets for as much storage as you need.

woven basket in bedroom

Closet organizers

Create more closet space with a closet organizer. Hanging organizers can be placed on the inside of your closet door, serving a variety of purposes. If you have double closet doors try using multiple organizers for double the benefits.

hanging organisers

DIY shelves

Choose a secluded wall to hang simple shelves or racks. This kind of project is typically done inside of a garage but can be achieved indoors as well. Look around to see which wall would work best. Try finding a safe spot away from doors and other areas where people could bump into it.

wall shelves

Well, there you have it. You have now gained the ideas needed to start maximizing the Storage Space in your bedroom. Hopefully, you will use these ideas as a means to build upon with more awesome ideas. For more storage tips and ideas browse the My Store-Y Self Storage Singapore blog page.