Some people tend to store business files in the cloud, but due to some government regulations, a company is usually required to keep specific documents of expenditure and income for at least 7 or so years after the completion of operation or transaction. But you surely don’t want to keep all these old files in your office, and this is where self storage unit comes in.

A self storage unit is the best place to store your business files safely. You will not only make up space in your office, but you will also ensure that your business documents are safe while in storage. Here are some tips for storing business files safely and in an organised manner.

Tips for Storing Business Files

Self Storage Unit

You may lack space in your office to store all these business files that you have. Renting a self storage unit will help you store your business files safely, while also benefiting from transportation storage since some self storage facilities offer other benefits besides storing your business files.

When storing in a self storage unit, it would be best to choose a unit that’s clean and is free from pests to ensure that your documents will stay safe and secure. The storage unit should also offer smoke detectors and sprinklers in case a fire breaks out.

Right Storage Environment

All business documents should be stored in a self storage unit that has a cool environment, with temperatures of around 20 degrees and a humidity level of at least 35%. You can opt for self storage units that has a climate-controlled feature to ensure that your documents will stay safe. Storing documents in places with irregular temperature can have a negative impact on the business documents.

It would also be best to store the business files in file boxes or filing cabinets, keeping the documents itself off the ground. If you opt to store them in file boxes, it would be best to place the boxes on top of the pallets or shelves to avoid moisture from leaking into the boxes from the ground. This will also help avoid damages due to flood and such since the boxes are elevated from the ground.

Decide What You Need To Keep

Before putting all the documents in the storage container, it would be best to check the documents that you will actually need. You surely don’t want to keep the documents that you won’t be using in a storage unit, wasting precious space for the things that you will actually need.

Using the Right Storage Boxes

There are a lot of storage boxes in the market today but the best boxes to store files are the classic cardboard boxes and the modern plastic containers with airtight lids. Choosing the right self storage box will keep the documents safe and free from pests. This will also keep the business files safe from other elements that may damage the documents in the long run.

Label the Business Documents

Once you have the right containers it would be best to label the containers according to their contents. If you have documents with financial information, it would be best to label them by year, and then by expense, and revenue category. If you have tax documentations, it would be best to put them in a separate container to avoid mixing them up with other financial information.

You can also use file organisers with color coded tabs to make the files more organised. You may also want to use page protectors or use binders if needed as this can also act as a labeler.

Storing File Boxes Vertically

When storing file boxes in a storage unit, it would be best to store them vertically. This means that you need to use sturdy plastic file containers or you should invest in a good shelving. When organising them in shelves, it would be best to keep like files together. For instance, all financial files should be kept on the right side, while employees’ files should be kept at the back most part of the shelves.

All the boxes that you don’t actually need often should be kept at the back part of the storage unit. In this way, you will have easy access to the ones that you will often need.


These are the tips on how you can keep your business files safe while in self storage unit. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your files will remain organised and safe while stored in your preferred unit.