There are many ways you can make a small apartment seem larger. Hanging a few mirrors or replacing heavy furniture with lighter pieces will help. However, to really maximise the feeling of spaciousness, you will need to make structural changes. Therefore, consider storing your furniture and other items at Self Storage Woodlands before you get started. This will keep them out of harm’s way during renovations.

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Start off by painting your apartment in pale neutrals. Use a monochromatic colour scheme to give the greatest illusion of size. Paint both walls and ceilings, using shades such as ivory, eggshell or ice blue. Since your furniture is in storage, you won’t have to worry about damaging it with splashed paint, or tripping over it when you move a ladder.

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Another strategy to open up your space is through the use of natural light. You may need to tear down walls to create a more open floor plan so that light can travel from one room to the next. If this is not possible, consider removing doors and putting them into storage. You can always bring them back if you need to. Remember to use Self Storage Woodlands while you renovate.

See if you can add more windows or install skylights. Again, if these are not viable options, you can make better use of the natural light you do have access to via cleverly placed mirrors. These will reflect light throughout your home.

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Renovating your bathroom is also another wat for adding useful space to your home. If you have a small bathroom, rather than have a sink stand on its own, turn it into a small cabinet to store cleaning products and bathing products. Add storage shelves to the wall and hanging racks to your shower for added storage. If you don’t mind investing in a larger bathroom renovation project, consider merging your shower and bath into one to create more standing room or room for cabinets. Don’t forget to contact your local plumber to make sure all your pipework is done properly and adheres to code and regulations.

Before you bring your furniture back home, evaluate it and see if it matches your new colour scheme. You might want to replace heavy, dark pieces with lighter ones. Many people use glass tables and chairs with clear backs to create the illusion of more space. Don’t fret if there are a few much-loved pieces that are dark in colour – just try to keep the overall impression as light and airy as possible.

As you refurbish your apartment, consider rotating artwork instead of having it all up at the same time. Having one or two pieces as the focal point on a wall makes a room feel more spacious than several crowded pieces.

You can keep the artwork not currently being used in storage. Since Self Storage Woodlands has units in many sizes, you can switch to a smaller one for long term storage of seasonal items such as Christmas ornaments. You can keep your winter clothes there during the summer and your summer clothes there during the winter. You can also store papers and book that you seldom need.

By using a storage unit, you help to keep your apartment neat and well organized. When you need specific items, it’s easy to retrieve them and then to return them to the storage unit when done.