Are you using a storage unit for the first time? There’s no need to worry. Whether you need to store your belonging for a short time when moving or storing them to enable you to travel, a storage unit is an excellent solution that saves space. Self Storage Yishun are a secure and convenient option for all those who need storage space. However, not every storage facility suits your storage needs and it is imporant to consider what you shouldn’t put into storage too. It would be best if you considered the following factors when choosing a storage unit.

Self-storage provides an affordable, safe and secure way to store your household belongings and to make sure you can make use of as much space in your home or apartment as possible. Below are a few things that you cannot place into your self storage unit – so keep these in mind!

There are some items that you cannot take to a storage unit, and they include some of the following:

Toxic Chemicals and Combustible Items

A flammable sign










It is unsafe to store toxic, flammable, or combustible items in a storage facility as they can explode or cause a fire. The items can cause extensive damage to your belongings and adjacent units. Such items include solvents, paint thinner, paint, gasoline or petrol, and batteries. If you are storing a BBQ gas bottle or a lawnmower, it should be without fuel.

Uninsured, Unregistered, and Non-Operating Vehicles

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If you want to leave your car at a storage unit, it must be insured, fully registered and in operable condition. You will need to provide a valid driver’s license and evidence of vehicle registration when renting a storage unit. If you are not sure if your items are allowed in self-storage, do not hesitate to ask any of the facility staff.

Living Things










Even though our storage units are safe and secure – it goes without saying you cannot keep pets, plants or other living items in there when you go away on holiday! Our storage units are there to help you declutter your apartment and to make space for you to enjoy!

Perishable Items









Perishable items such as fresh food, contained food (canned food) or even pet food should not be placed into a storage unit. These items attract vermin and other unwanted visitors. We take care to ensure our units are kept in great condition in order to keep your items safe and secure.