Keeping up with the latest design trends is a fun way to think about new ideas for the home all year long. Many people love to have a look at how designers are continuing to transform the home’s interior. These trends offer that easy way to take your personal effects from Storage Space Singapore and make them work for you. Cozy spaces are in style right now. The same is true of the use of lively natural textiles, sofas with interesting curves and wallpaper that has lots of personality.


A Touch of Nature

Bringing a touch of nature into your home is a perfect way for creating a relaxing and stressfree household. One popular trend is hanging pot plants, such a ferms, from ceilings in a woven plant hanger. If hanging plants is not an option in your house (for example, if you’re renting), you can still get a similar look with a floor-based woven pot plant holder.

hanging pot

Natural Textiles

Natural materials have many advantages. From cotton to silk and linen, they have long been stable for use over the centuries. The same is true today as designers realize the wonderful potential they provide when it comes to home decor. Bring your natural fibre rug out of Self Storage Singapore and place it under your dining table. Take that elegant silk settee and set it on where people can see it. These are materials that are easy to clean and look fabulous. Use them for rugs, in curtains and in anything you bring into your apartment this year.

natural textiles interior design

Sofas With Oomph

Sofas are one of the most important items of furniture you will ever buy. You want your own sofa to make a statement just like those the designers are showing in their showrooms today. You also want a sofa that has some sense of personality and lots of flairs. This is a challenge that designers are enjoying. You’ll find curved sofas on the market that allow you to stretch out in style. Other kinds of new shapes are also drawing attention and technique from designers. They’re showing off pieces in shapes such as ovals and triangles for the discerning client.

round sofa

Unique Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to add something entirely unique to any room. Today’s modern designers are playing around with new kinds of wallpaper. They know their clients want something beyond the cookie-cutter patterns often seen in previous years. To that end, they are showing off patterns from Storage Space Singapore that take inspiration from many cultures and the natural world. Look for designs like fish and other aquatic creatures in shades often found in nature for something to make your own spaces stand out in a crowd. Special order wallpapers make anything you want to come to vivid life.