Planning to host a fabulous Christmas or countdown party in a small space? We’ve got you covered. 

While Christmas catering may cover the requisite turkey and all its trimmings, hosting a party for family and friends in a small apartment can be a logistical nightmare.

But we’re never one to let a small space cramp our merry-making. Check out these handy packing tips by My Store-Y Self-Storage in Woodlands ( for your next party:

Small (storage) space, big ideas

Apartment-dwelling Singaporeans have come up with novel self-storage ideas to declutter their living space from stackable storage boxes to storage beds with handy drawers.

But when Christmas, New Year’s Eve or even Chinese New Year rolls around and our extended family or long-lost secondary school friends come to visit, these storage spaces may not even be enough.

Renting a storage space near where you live gives you the flexibility to deck the rooms with boughs of holly for Christmas in December and bring out the red lanterns for Chinese New Year come February.

Storage spaces in Singapore, such as My Store-Y Self-Storage (, allow you to lease and move-in on the same day. Plus, they come with short minimum storage periods of two weeks, offering a great temporary self-storage solution.

Food on platter

Set out a sumptuous buffet

Instead of trying to seat everyone at the dinner at the dinner table, set up a buffet table and bar counter near the kitchen or even on your kitchen counter. If your kitchen is near the front door, set up the food counter at the back of the room to avoid a traffic bottleneck at the entrance.

Even if you’re planning to offer only home-cooked food, some Christmas or Chinese New Year catering companies in Singapore rent out buffet tables together with buffet equipment such as a bain-marie.

Having a buffet spread also gives you the opportunity to really decorate that area and wow your guests with your food presentation. You’ll seem like a party pro!

Do remember to also sprinkle plates or jars of small snacks around the area so guests can nibble on them as they mingle throughout the night and to avoid congestion at the buffet area.


Have flexible seating options

Multi-purpose furniture works their charm in these occasions. While a beanbag may be cosy for a party of five, it can get in the way of socialising when the party hits more than 10 people.

Multi-functional furniture works best when you can sit and serve on it – though hopefully not at the same time!

Push your furniture against the wall and keep your everyday low seats or tables in a temporary storage space so that guests move freely.

You may want to also create quiet zones for conversations. Use stackable stools or chairs (that can be stowed in self-storage after the party) and scatter groups of them around your apartment so that groups of guests can sit down for a natter.

Light Bulbs

Keep the décor on walls and ceiling

Use all available space – including your walls and ceilings. If you’re trying to fit in a massive number of people in your house party (the minimum is 10 square feet per person), move the décor above and beyond the floor and tables.

Themed garlands, string lights, banners or balloons can lend a festive atmosphere to your apartment without taking up precious floor space. Keeping it monochromatic can make for a chic soiree although black on grey may not sit well with the aunts for Chinese New Year!

Most thematic décor is evergreen – you can’t go wrong with a Christmas tree or Chinese New Year ink paintings – so do splurge on a conversation starter (or two) and add your extra touch for a slightly different look each year.

Reduce your clutter and take care of these larger items by keeping them in a storage space when not in use.

These easy tips will help you throw a really big do in a small space. Now, let’s get the party started!

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