We have storage units designed just for storing your wine!

A bottle of wine’s distinct flavour can evoke a whole range of memories, so why not keep that treasured bottle safe from harm in one of our temperature-controlled storage unit’s that will keep your wine at the perfect temperature for preservation. Frequent exposure to light can be detrimental for your wines development, so securing a self-storage unit with Store-Y means your wine will only be exposed to light when you come to visit. Our storage unit’s also have stable humidity levels, if things are too dry the cork can shrink but if things are too humid, mould and contamination can occur. It is essential that you keep your wine in an environment with no temperature variations as this can significantly affect the flavour, so it is important your wine is stored at a location with temperature control.

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Benefits of storing with Store-Y

Our facility makes storage super easy and stress free!

Wine Collectors

You wine is a valued and treasured asset and we will treat it that way, providing the ideal environment for your wine to mature. Securing a self-storage unit through Store-Y is like owning your own cellar, making it easier to keep your collection safe from harm or thirsty guests. Our temperature-controlled wine storage units are the perfect solution for any wine lover who wants to start a collection!

Wine Marchants

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Wine Packing Supplies

Our e-shop has a number of packing supplies that are a perfect solution for keeping your bottles safe from breakage during transportation. It is essential when you are transporting your collection, whether that be to your self-storage unit or home, to use proper packaging in order to keep the bottles in their best condition and protect them from damage.