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Make space in your garage and store your car, boat, vehicle or caravan at our facility!

If your garage is full but you are desperate for a new recreational vehicle, or perhaps you already have one but don’t have enough space, consider renting a self-storage unit! Recreational vehicles are great for the family or even just for a weekend away, there is nothing like having a boat you can take out on the water whenever you please.

But what happens when your boat, car or caravan isn’t being used? Consider securing a self-storage unit to keep your vehicle safe from the elements but still conveniently located so you can access it whenever you need. Don’t leave your boat or car outside your house where it is likely to experience damage, keep it in top condition by storing it with Store-y.

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Benefits of storing with Store-Y

Our clean and secure storage units designed just for vehicle storage are the perfect solution if you’re wanting to storage your car, boat, van or motorbikes!

Bikes, cars or sport vehicles

Don’t spend another day worrying about whether your prized car or sports vehicle is safe from harm when you can have peace of mind by storing it in a state of the art facility with all the latest CCTV. Store-Y has affordable storage unit’s that come in a variety of sizes, so whether you have a small classic car or a large campervan or boat, we have a storage solution to suit your needs.

Secure parking

If you are travelling abroad or really don’t need your car on a daily basis, self-storage could the secure parking solution that you need. With parking spots close to business districts becoming incredibly expensive, organising a self-storage unit is a cheaper way to park your car when you don’t need it. We have unit’s in a wide range of sizes, so no matter the size of your car, we can help you out!

We have space for small items

Consider freeing up some space in your garage and put your bikes and other recreational equipment into a self-storage unit until you will use it again. If you no longer have much time on the weekends for leisure activities or the weather hasn’t been pleasant, self-storage is a great way to store smaller items and free up some space in your home or garage.